Samuel S. Hall: Sammarized

tully's portrait


25 years old : Boise State University graduate : married : writer : artist : runner : contrarion : anti-media : dogs : music : tea : coffee : movies

My whole life has been this pressure to spend the time I’ve been given, like currency.

This journey, it’s transformative, lost and found again and again.

My soul has pressed on me this feeling for my existence to stop telling myself I can be something.

Instead, tell myself I can change everything.


Writing is this exploration, this idea that we have, something bigger than our mind.

Writing is the gate that we define ourselves with, it’s the interpretation of life.

It isn’t so much something I enjoy doing; it’s more something I have to do.

Something I find necessary.

For a world becoming predominately corrupted by mediocre.

It’s this journey, this depth that I can jump in and feel, that pool in the back of my head.

In the same uproarious aesthetic, Writing is the very essence we’ve been taught to ignore.


People are more apt to look than see, to slice rather than sweep.

Writing is a blend of human ingenuity, creativity, and the supernatural.

The brain as gears, I’m unable to find brakes.

Writing is not a career.

Writing is not a collapsible medium.

Writing is the extract of human genes; the unspeakable soul that keeps us alive for as long as we can bear it.


There is this opportunity for people to look past everything and apply what they see to themselves.

There’s a predominately passive attitude towards everything.

You can look at the most beautiful anything and think, what does this have to do with me.

As an artist and a writer, if I wasn’t changed from the work I do, what’s the use of doing it at all?



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