Monologue Monday #1: Solar Flare 2013

For those that haven’t heard, the sun’s solar flare activity peaks this year. In 1958, a solar flare knocked out communications in the United States, nothing to bat an eye at considering our electronic dependency was not paramount.

But this year, the sun is at the peak of two different solar activity cycles: an 11-year cycle and a 150-year cycle. Jose Lopez, physicist and professor at Seton Hall University, warns the threat is real. The solar flare could cause $2 trillion in damages, considering the amount of GPS communication without mentioning the amount of smart phones and our dependency on them. If power transformers aren’t protected, Lopez warns communities could be without power for years.

Of course, if this solar flare occurs, it could miss the earth. So we’re already working in probabilities.

In response to this accepted fright of being thrown back to the pre-Benjamin-Franklin’s-kite era, I present the first Monday monologue. Feel free to discuss and comment:

First, let’s establish some ground thoughts. The planet will not be destroyed by this solar flare. The solar flare itself will release an aura identical to an EMP, meaning the flare itself won’t kill anyone.

We, the United States, are a nation dependent on technology to the point of severe social disturbance and strangulation based on low protocols of interaction, including massive communication conglomerates, marketing campaigns, and advertising that have us “working jobs we hate to buy shit we don’t need.” (fight club is always relevant) Our phones are expensive clocks used for games and gossip. When our emails are slow, we get upset. We yell at our phones for not working, we have 500 channels of nothing, we need constant media attention and input so we can vomit it as output for intelligent conversation in a starbucks with a 2 dollar latte.

If civilization resets as a result of a solar flare that we couldn’t control, resulting from a weakened magnetic field around the earth that we caused over the last 200 years from industry and technology and the chemical imbalance of whatever, then maybe it’s about time we reset to writing letters that get carried by ponies. Who are we to say what our civilization is supposed to be in the face of obstacles we cannot control?

Because at the end of the day, we got here, to this point in humanity, by evolving civilization from pony letters.

I think, when we still have the brilliant scientists and minds of our age to work out problems that might occur from this flare, that we’ll still make it. And maybe then, when we have to survive without power, the spoiled will notice they’re spoiled. The weak will notice that power doesn’t really make them strong.

Maybe some new ideals based upon people instead of culture will result. Maybe we can create a critical thinking society of a problem-solving nature. Maybe we’ll have real relationships with real people with real conversations in real places. Most importantly, maybe everyone will realize that when things happen, you have to respond to them. You don’t control your world, you don’t control your life, you don’t control what happens to you, you only control your response. If that’s all you control, maybe we should work on our attitude and not our house. Maybe we should care about human interaction and emotion rather than why the TV isn’t working. Maybe we need a power outage to prove that humanity still has a core that will pulse and beat, no matter what the sun wants to do.

One day, the sun is going to explode and then we won’t have a choice but to die. And that’s a real thing that will happen to every person on this planet. And maybe we aren’t in control of our future the same way we aren’t in control to change our past. We have now. And right now, we are worried about a solar flare we can’t control because we’re too used to believing we’re in control of everything.

Maybe our problems exist in shorter spaces than the world and space and time. Maybe it’s the distance from me to my neighbor that I need to be worried about. Maybe it’s the distance between my heart and my wife’s heart.

At the end of the day, humanity will be fine and I will eventually die and my phone doesn’t matter because this planet has been around for 4.5 billion years taking hits from who knows what kind of space matter and then we’re here running around setting things on fire and we discover electricity and now, we don’t like that it might be taken away from us, like children.

I think there’s more than one way to build a global civilization of humans. Right now, we have war and hate and disease and terrible crimes against the lives of people and I hope none of us are willing to say that things are going great for the homo sapien sapien species. Our society is one of an infinite amount of possibilities in the infinite expanse of the universe and losing one aspect of our humanity that culture deems most important to us, losing transportation, losing communication, losing nuclear bombs, losing chemical research labs, is not going to alienate the pulse of humanity’s core. Things will go on, just like they have. If we reset, we will build back. If people die, then people die, because we all die, eventually, and for the most part, not by our choosing. If we are afraid of death, it is because we never think about it.

This planet earth has seen worse than a solar flare. Humans continue to progress through genocide, disease, famine, war, racism, social distortion, monarchy, corruption, dictatorships, murders, suicides, nukes, climate change, earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, you name it.

I have faith we’ll survive more.

And I have faith we’ll survive and progress through this.

Well, if it even happens.


One thought on “Monologue Monday #1: Solar Flare 2013”

  1. My oh my, some very good points. I agree that we take much if not all of what we need to stay alive; water, oxygen, sun etc . . .for granted. And spend little time being thankful or realizing what really keeps us “alive” is completely out of our control.

    Good segue to faith / Christianity / Creation ?

    Well stated and full of good meat :)

    Looking forward to your next one ! . . .


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