Photo Friday #2: Oregon Coast Tide Pool

The Oregon Coast offers its own beauty in correlation with the ocean and it’s many devices. The uniqueness of presentation where water meets shore offered these shells on a rock. The repetition was addicting for me and this photograph turned out particularly well.  I found myself turning them into objects, into a crab’s claw or a turtle’s shell, like we often do with clouds. The natural coloring of the photograph remains cool, nullifying any bright distractions that might take away from the content of the image. In this sense, although I prefer to shoot and edit black and white photographs, the color remains, a neutral scale that emphasizes the objects.

I find myself attached to the roughness of the surface. In nature, we often expect smooth edges and eroded curves, but these shells exhibit much more geometry than I expected.

photo friday 2



Canon EOS Rebel T1i | f/5.6 | 1/640 ss | 55mm



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